Under the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, global companies are facing challenges and urgently need to innovate in their communication and marketing models. To keep up with the times, Celestone caters to the urgent needs of customers with professional live streaming and online seminar services, which are suitable for product launches, online conferences, trainings, school online classes, online celebrations and other scenarios. Our fully functional, stable and smooth live streaming platform and supporting one-stop live streaming solutions help customers eliminate marketing obstacles and open up larger markets at lower costs.

Advanced and stable live streaming platform

Live streaming service:

  • Cross-platform video decoding
  • Stable and smooth, with low latency and high concurrency

On-demand service:

  • Audio and video storage management
  • Transcoding, accelerated playback technology

Interactive live streaming:

  • Video connection with microphone, 100 milliseconds low latency
  • Support up to 32 channels of audio and video simultaneous interaction

System integration:

  • Flexible access to various functional services
  • Independent data account, copyright protection

Live streaming operation service

Before live streaming:

  • Customize personalized solutions; produce advertorial, creative design, video, 3D animation and related materials
  • Develop a registration system according to needs, and launch invitations through both online and offline channels
  • Build and test customers’ dedicated live streaming room

During live streaming:

  • Manage interactive activities such as lucky draw, Q&A, questionnaire, etc.
  • Build a lively atmosphere; manage the comment area

After live streaming:

  • Replay
  • Data statistics, analysis and export
  • Export the content of the comment area