In the 5G era, video has become a more ubiquitous communication medium. Video has become a powerful tool for Internet marketing for multiple advantages such as strong appeal, diverse forms and contents, and creation. Our mature and experienced video team provides customers with one-stop, high-quality, cross-industry video shooting, production and promotion services. Video forms include promotional films, ads, interviews, documentaries, animations, etc. In the era of the Internet of Everything, our long and short video production services help customers quickly occupy a favorable position in marketing.

Creative team

With the concept of “content first”, we provide customers with video creativity from diversified perspectives. Our efficient early stage team has a deep understanding of customer needs, and our professional creative team writes video scripts to ensure that the customer’s purposes are displayed in the best way.

Video shooting

  • A professional director/photographer team can achieve on-site shooting and studio shooting in multiple regions at home and abroad
  • Complete and high-end equipment and support, covering studios, green screens, lighting, high-definition cameras, SLR shooting, etc.


  • Experienced editing and special effects team
  • Supporting creative design team
  • Huge sound source and picture resource library

Video promotion

With our own media platform, and the in-depth cooperation of major media, we can assist customers in video promotion through multiple channels such as self-media, external media, and Internet marketing accounts.