Based on its own media platform and cooperation with top media at home and abroad, Celestone is committed to providing customers with effective media communication services, covering new media marketing, market promotion, PR, etc.

With an experienced content creation team and a huge network of online media, paper media, and new media, we can provide customers with one-stop media communication solutions to help them achieve quick results.

Communication methods

Event interview and editing

  • On-site interviews at major events, collection of relevant information

Product evaluation

  • Real-time professional evaluations by industry experts and online opinion leaders
    Immediate promotion results

Content writing

  • A strong team of reporters and editors
    Writing a wide variety of articles, including news reports, advertorials, etc.

Media release

  • Our own media platform
  • Top news media in China
  • Overseas authoritative media

New media operations

Domestic: WeChat public account/service account, Toutiao, Weibo, short video platforms, major video websites, etc.
Abroad: Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

Cooperative media,,,, CWW, CNMO,,,, CCIDNet,, Sohu…